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Phoenix Pet Cremations offers a compassionate, high-quality individual and personal cremation service for your much-loved companion at our crematorium located in Boreham, Essex.

Why choose Phoenix Pet Cremations for your Small Pets?

We offer a sensitive, same day service, where your pet is treated with dignity and respect. Unlike some pet cremation services you can be assured that your beloved pet will be given its own individual cremation and not added to clinical waste, nor other pets that are also to be cremated.

With our professional and caring attitude, we can collect from your home, or from your vet. Alternatively, you can bring your pet directly to us, and we will perform a same-day cremation service at no extra cost.

There is a small charge for collecting your pet, but if you would like to bring your pet directly to us please do message us via our Contact page, or call on 01245 922 023, by mobile on 07487 812 142 or by email at

What can I keep the ashes in?

You may collect your pet's ashes from the privacy of our private room at our crematorium, your local veterinary surgery, or we can deliver them to your home.

We have a number of options available to keep your pet's ashes in including a small Oak Casket with Brass Plaque, a solid ash hardwood casket, or a paw print urn.

A popular choice is our Oak Photo Frames, that can be wall mounted and have discreet integrated ashes compartments so that you can always have a treasured keepsake of your beloved pet.

Phoenix Pet Cremations also offers you a truly unique and personal Laser engraving service where we can personalise any plaques, grave markers or photo frames to your needs by engraving an image of your pet to the plaque. 

Our full range of urns, caskets, and keepsakes for small pets can be found here.