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At Phoenix Pet Cremations we understand the stress and upset of losing your horse or pony. It can be a very difficult and confusing time that cannot be predicted, and we will treat you and your horse or pony with the utmost care.

Why choose Phoenix Pet Cremations for your horse?

We are the only Cremation company in Essex to specialise in bespoke, individual, equine cremations tailored to your needs. Please note we do not take any Communal Horse Cremations.

Your horse or pony will be collected by our specially designed horse ambulance. Slipmats are always used for equine collections as this gives your horse or pony a very dignified and peaceful departure.

Our prices are from £400, but we want to assure you that all our cremations are individual, and the ashes are returned to you.

What can I keep the ashes in?

We have a number of options available to keep your ashes in including an Oak Casket with Brass Plaque, a Willow Basket, and a Scatter Tube.

Phoenix Pet Cremations also offers you a truly unique and personal Laser engraving service where we can personalise any plaques, grave markers or photo frames to your needs by engraving an image of your pet to the plaque. 

We also have some beautiful jewellery for you to remember your pony or horse by.