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What are the working procedures at Phoenix Pet Cremations?

Phoenix Pet Cremations is an accredited member of the association of private pet cemeteries and crematoria (APPCC), having won the approval of independent inspectors under a strict inspection scheme designed to ensure your pet is treated with care and dignity in a professional setting.

How do I know I will get my pets ashes back?

ALL pets are handled and cremated individually with care and respect. Each pet is cremated on their own thus ensuring that you receive your own pet’s ashes. We provide a certificate that is returned to you with your pet's ashes. we only carry out GENUINE INDIVIDUAL CREMATIONS as explained in the Strict Code of Practice that we adhere to.

What services will my vet offer me?

This will depend on the veterinary practice that you use. Sadly, not all vets give you the option of choosing between different crematoriums. If your vet has suggested an alternative crematorium to Phoenix Pet Cremations please check whether they are an Association member as not all pet crematoriums operate to a code of conduct to ensure you get a genuine individual cremation and your own pets ashes back.

How are pets collected?

We are able to collect from your home, by appointment after euthanasia or from your veterinary surgery, upon request. All collections are made in discreetly in unmarked vehicles.

How will my pet be treated?

it is very important to us that all pets that come to Phoenix Pet Cremations are treated like one of our own. Your pet will be handled carefully at all times and we assure you that they will be treated with the great deal of respect that they deserve.

Can I have my pet cremated and collect their ashes on the same day?

Yes. We can carry out an immediate cremation upon request, please enquire about our same day service prioritised  for clients who visit the crematorium with there pets instead of opting for a collection. 

What happens after cremation?

You are welcome to collect your pet's ashes. Alternatively we can return ashes directly to your home or your vet, which we are most willing to do, although an additional charge is made for this service.

What is the APPCC?

The Association represents many small privately owned pet cemeteries and crematoria throughout the country. One of its main objectives is to ensure members operate to a strict Code Of Practice before, during and after cremation.